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The Titans were a race of gods who ruled the world before the Olympian Gods. Their leader was Cronus, but when Hades released them from prison Tartarus, he became their new leader. Titans fell from power after they lost the war against the Olympian Gods. Titans represent the chaos rule the world, as the Olympian Gods represent the rule of order in the world.


The Titans Lythos, Hydros, Pyros and Stratos have created the world's four elements (earth, air, fire and water) and mixed them together and created chaos. Titan Stratos also created the first gods. Such as Chaos, Nyx, Uranus, Gaia, Typhon, Echidna, Erebus and a number of other gods. Uranus and Gaia were married and had seven children: Cronus, Rhea, Atlas, Prometheus, Antaeus, Briareos and Arges. Cronus son had himself crowned the world, and thus he became the first king of the world, but when the Titans lost Cronus download from his chair and his son Zeus became king of the world. During the war between the Olympian gods Titans Titans Uranus, Gaia, Rhea, Prometheus, Chaos, Nyx and Erebus were neutral, and they did not fight alongside the Titans. When the Titans lost to Zeus as Tartarus the Titans Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, Stratos, Arges, Cronus and Typhon. After a certain period of Zeus as Tartarus the Titans Prometheus and Antaeus, but in the end all foreign Titans Cronus had been released Tartarus.

List of the TitansEdit

  • Pyros (voiced by Jim Cummings) – a blob-like Titan made of lava, who resembles a living volcano. He created the fire in the world.
  • Stratos (voiced by Corey Burton) – a tall Titan made of wind, who resembles a living tornado. He created the air in the world. He also created the first gods, like: Uranus, Gaia, Typhon, Echidna and some additional gods.
  • Arges (voiced by Patrick Pinney) - a Cyclops one-eyed, who, along with the main Titans, was imprisoned deep beneath the sea of Tartarus by Zeus after their reign of destruction ended. His job is to find and kill Hercules; he searches through the town causing much property damage until Hercules reveals himself. Hercules had earlier made a deal with Hades that he would have his strength taken away for 24 hours so the Cyclops takes his time beating him up badly. Phil comes to the rescue and convinces him that he doesn't need his strength to beat him, but shortly afterward, the Cyclops decides to finish him off by biting his head off. Thinking quickly, Hercules shoves a torch into his eye, blinding him and causing him to stumble around; he then uses this opportunity to tie the Cyclops' legs together, causing him to trip and fall off a cliff to his death.
  • Antaeus (voiced by Miguel Ferrer) – a half-Titan who founded the P.O.O.T.L.s ("People's Organization of Titanic Liberators") so he could free the Titans. He held Prometheus Academy hostage and wanted Hercules as their prisoner so that he can force Zeus to release them. His giant form resembles a rock version of himself. After learning that Antaeus is the son of Gaia and is stronger when on the ground, Hercules threw him into the air and sent him flying all the way to where Zeus had imprisoned the five main Titans and was placed in there by Zeus himself, but because these five Titans releasing by Hades in the film, Antaeus also released.
  • Atlas (voiced by Thomas Lennon) – a muscular Titan that was cursed to forever hold up the sky at the Edge of the World. He appeared in "Hercules and the Prince of Thrace".
  • Briareos (voiced by Reggie Miller) - a Hecatonchires. In this show, he is a giant that can conjure arms from the ground and even water. He is also a fan of the comic book hero Myklos.
  • Cronus - the former king of the Titans. Husband of Rhea and father of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter and Hestia. When he was defeated by Zeus, he created the Cronus Stone as an act of revenge. The stone places any God that comes near it into a deep sleep. He imprisoned by Zeus in Tartarus and when Hades released the Titans from Tartarus, Cronus was the only Titan didn't released. The reason for this is that Hades wanted to be the leader of the Titans and he didn't want that Cronus will return to be the leader of the Titans.
  • Gaia (voiced by Kerri Kenney) – the goddess of the Earth. Wife of Uranus and mother of Cronus, Rhea, Atlas, Prometheus, Antaeus, Briareos and Arges. She was a neutral in the war between the titans to olympian gods. Adonis selfishly woke her from her eternal slumber after not heeding a warning sign and she cursed him to die at sundown. With Hercules' help, Adonis procured golden apples to appease Gaia, who removes his curse.
  • Prometheus (voiced by Carl Reiner) – a kindly Titan who gave the gift of fire to humanity so they could improve their lives and as punishment about that he imprisoned by Zeus in Tartarus, but in the episode "Hercules and the Prometheus Affair" Hercules releases him. He was a neutral in the war between the titans to olympian gods.
  • Typhon (voiced by Regis Philbin) – the father of all monsters and husband of Echidna. He imprisoned by Zeus in Tartarus under Mount Etna, but in the episode "Hercules and the Return of Typhon" Hercules accidentally releases him when he fighting with his wife Echidna.
  • Echidna (voiced by Kathie Lee Gifford) – the mother of all monsters and wife of Typhon. Echidna had a recurring role in the series and was typically seen as an obsessive and doting mother to her various children who one-by-one were defeated by Hercules (a reference to Kevin Sorbo's Hercules fighting Echidna, except here she serves Hades).
  • Erebus – the god of the darkness.

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