Voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh
First appearance Hercules (TV series) (1998-1999)
Last appearance Hercules (TV series) (1998-1999)
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Princess
Residence Amazons's Island
Father Darius
Mother Hyppolyte
Romances Ajax (boyfriend)

Tempest is the Princess of the Amazons and the daughter of Queen Hyppolyte and King Darius.


She comes off as a strict and harsh girl with a mean temper. This is due to the strict upbringing she was given by her mother, who abhors any acts that might seem feminine or weak (such as cooking or smiling). However her father attempts to encourage her to express herself and even sent her to Prometheus Academy to be among normal kids. During her time at the academy she has learned to express herself in her own way and she even developed a somewhat rough friendship with Hercules.


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