סתינו 2
Voiced by Andrea Martin
First appearance Hercules (film) (1997)
Last appearance Hercules (TV series) (1998-1999)
Race Gorgon
Gender Female
Occupation Assistant of Hades
Residence Gorgon Land
סתינו 2-0
Stheno in the episode "Hercules and the Phil Factor".
Sisters Medusa

Stheno is a gorgon and the big sister of Medusa and Euryale. In the film, Hades sends her to kill Hercules together with the Minotaur and the Griffin, but all of the three are defeated by Hercules in less than a second. In the animated series, she appeared in the episode "Hercules and the Phil Factor". She is voiced by Andrea Martin.

This character also appears under the name "Medusa" in tie-in games from the original film. However, the animated series, which distinguishes the two, is considered to take canonical precedent over these.

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