גריפין 2
Voiced by Tim Conway
First appearance Hercules (TV series) (1998-1999)
Last appearance Hercules (TV series) (1998-1999)
Race Griffin
Gender Male
Occupation Treasure Guardian
Residence Greece

Griff is an elder griffin who lives at the Elysian Sunset Rest Home in Room XXIII (23). His one appearance was the episode "Hercules and the Griffin".

Mr. Griff was tasked ages ago with guarding the first diamond crafted by Hephaestus. Griff's greatest foe was King Arismap, leader of a band of thieving mountain gnomes known as the Arismapse. Always did King Arismap and his cronies attempt to make off with the gemstone, but Griff always managed to foil them. Of course, Arismap was not one to give up so easily. Because of this, Griff refused to ever leave his nest, which is why it was brought along with him when he entered his winter years.