פאזיר 1
Voiced by Ed Gilbert
First appearance Aladdin (TV series) (1994-1995)
Last appearance Aladdin (TV series) (1994-1995)
Race Cyclops
Gender Male
Occupation Prophet
פאזיר 2
Fasir in the episode "The Prophet Motive".
Father Arges
Brothers Polyphemus
Romances Mirage (girlfriend)
Grandfather Uranus
Grandmother Gaia
Uncles Briareos
Aunts Rhea
First cousins Zeus

Fasir, or Phasir, is a character from the Aladdin TV series. He is a seer who hides his cycloptic nature by wearing a bandage over his eye, appearing as a blind beggar. He is the brother of the giant Fashoom and was once in love with Mirage. He helped Aladdin and his friends in a number of episodes, often thwarting Mirage's evil plans. He was voiced by Ed Gilbert.


Fasir was the brother of Fashoom. He cast a spell on his brother by turning him into stone because he was shooting fire with his eye and causing destruction upon the land while stealing treasures from caravans. He was once in love with Mirage until she left him for her evil ways. Nevertheless, Fasir never gave up hope that someday, they would come back together again.


Fasir appears in a total of six episodes of the show. He makes his first appearance in "Do the Rat Thing", but he is not named or given any background information until "The Prophet Motive". In this episode, it is revealed that Fasir only has one eye, which could be the reason he wears a bandage over it. In "Hero with a Thousand Feathers", Fasir prophets that only Iago himself can defeat an ancient evil known as Amuk Moonrah that once ruled Agrabah with the help of a magical amulet. In "The Sands of Fate", Fasir tells Aladdin and his friends about the story of the Riders of Ramond and how their fate is sealed between their mission and the marauders until Iago breaks the fate and the Riders finally deliver their crystal cargo to Fasir himself. The episodes "Eye of the Beholder" and "While the City Snoozes" show that he has had dealings with Mirage and that they were once a couple. At the end of "Eye of the Beholder," he tells himself that he and Mirage will get back together one day.


  • "The Prophet Motive" was likely aired out of order since Fasir had appeared before the following episodes.

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